Reflectors for animals

Reflective collar for the cat

Cat’s reflective collar with velcro.

Perfect for animals going outside after dark. Secure Velcro closure allows the cat to break free when the collar is caught, for example, by a branch.

Dimensions of the collar: 340 x 150 mm. 

Such a product is combining the function of reflected light ? he is lighting with the reflected light, as well as of luminescence ? he is lighting with the own lighting. The time of lighting with the own lighting depends since the time of the earlier exhibition in the light (earlier exposing) ? special substance is consuming energy and next is giving it back. The time of lighting with the own lighting lasts, depending on the time of exposing, from 10 up to 30 minutes, then gradual going out is taking place.

odblaskowa opaska dla kota

  • standard micro prismatic vinyl PVC or photoluminescent PVC foil, bottom of the flock type or white PVC foil
  • velcro fastener
Available colourssilver, yellow
Dimension340 x 150 mm


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