Traffic reflectors

Reflective strip for trees

The reflective strip is used to mark trees near the road.

It is made of a micro prismatic foil. It has holes through which the fastening strips are interlaced, thanks to which it can be placed on trees of different trunk diameter. In order to obtain a larger reflective surface, it is possible to connect several strips together.

It is also important that it is a way of fixing that does not damage the bark of the tree.

Dimensions of the reflective stripe: 450 x 250 mm. 

Thanks to it, the trees will be visible from a distance and will shine as road signs.

odblask drogowy nie kaleczący drzewa

  • micro prismatic vinyl PVC, hard PVC foam inside
  • fastening with clips and belts
Available colourssilver, yellow, orange, green, silver with red stripe
Available size450 x 250 mm


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