We would like to offer you products at the lowest prices possible. Therefore, to properly make a valuation, we need to analyze a number of components – which results in the fact that it is impossible to create a generally available price list for all products and customers. We stick to the principle that each customer and his order should be treated individually.

Therefore, in order to receive the price of the product you are interested in, please fill out the form below giving:

  • whom you represent: an advertising agency, an office, a commercial client, a natural person
  • type of product that you are interested in (giving naming from our side)
  • estimated quantity of a given product, e.g. 100, 200, 5.000 pieces, etc.
  • for printed products – the number of print colors on the product


For products with print:

WIn the case of requests for visualization, and ultimately production, please send us a graphic file for editing (on the so-called curves), preferably in the extension cdr (Corel Draw program):

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