Self-tightening reflective slap wrap *

Self-tightening slap wraps offered by us are an excellent advertising medium. Due to the colour micro prismatic foil, advertising passwords printed on them, logotypes etc. they are looking strikingly.

We also propose imprints in the full colour with tone passages. We are able to print under the micro prismatic foil what is giving interesting visual effects. Slap wrap willingly are being worn by everyone, what your marketing action will make a profit on the effectiveness thanks to. They are adding variety to clothes, are working while practising sport, enjoyably are looking in the winter - fluorescent colours are contrasting with the whiteness of snow. Slap wraps are an ornament of bicycle, scooter, school bag, rucksack. They are working in the open air, during great parties in the identification purpose of persons (they can constitute the entrance ticket), marking of groups of campers, children on the beach etc. Participants in parties can wield them (in the form developed) greeting the favourite team. Interesting gadget at techno concerts, disco etc.

We can produce slap wraps also in the any shape (with the logotype sticking out), in that your logo will still more be visible.

  • high-quality reflective slap wrap bracelet,
  • structure of the band: self-tightening steel plate laminated with reflective micro prismatic vinyl PVC, standardly flocked underside preventing skin irritation (additional layers of PVC foil inside the bracelet protecting the micro prismatic vinyl from any damage or wear ),
  • available sizes: 3x20 cm, 3x25 cm, 3x30 cm, 3x34 cm, 3x41 cm,
  • we are carrying advertising imprint out on slap wraps on and under the foil, multicoloured, also with passages tone on an entire surface of the slap wrap